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102 Not Out full hd movie download watch online 2018


IMDB: 8.0/10 votes

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102 Not Out full hd movie download watch online 2018

A 102-year-old man tries to break the record for the oldest person in the world.

102 Not Out

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Movie Summary:

Title: 102 Not Out
Year: 2018
Rated: N/A
Released: 4 May 2018
Runtime: 1h 42min
Genre: Comedy
Director: Umesh Shukla
Writer: Saumya Joshi
Actors: Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor, Mukesh Hariawala
Plot: The film story revolves around the 102-year-old man trying to break the oldest person record in the world, which in the film is held by a Chinese Man.
Language: Hindi
Country: India
Awards: N/A

Plot Summary:

102 Not Out is a 2018 comedy-drama film, with legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan playing a 102-year-old wanting to break the oldest-man-alive record. Another Bollywood legend Rishi Kapoor plays his sad and grumpy 75-year-old son.

Box Office:

Opening Weekend USA: $483,681, 6 May 2018, Limited Release
Gross USA: $1,007,916, 14 May 2018
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $8,934,479, 13 May 2018

User Reviews:

102 NOT OUT is an unusual story of a father and a son. Dattatraya Vakharia (Amitabh Bachchan) is a healthy old man at the ripe age of 102. He’s full of life and aims to live for 16 more years to break the record of the oldest man alive on Earth. His son Babulal (Rishi Kapoor) meanwhile is around 75 and has lost interest in life. Dattatraya is unable to tolerate the negativity oozed by Babulal with regards to old age, death etc. and decides to become the first father ever to admit his son in an old-age home. Babulal is naturally shocked and livid at this decision of his father and he protests. Dattatraya, as a result, decides to put few conditions in front of Babulal that he needs to fulfill if he wants to stay in their sprawling bungalow. As Dattatraya starts to fulfill these conditions, he becomes more and more excited and child-like. But few of the conditions also require Babulal to confront some of the past demons, which is going to be a challenge. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

The opening credits of the film are creative, showcasing some of the important landmarks of Mumbai, many of which are also a part of the film’s narrative. The introduction of all the 3 important characters – Dattatraya, Babulal and Dhiru (Jimit Trivedi) is quite funny and makes for a nice watch. The film is just 102 minutes long and hence, no time is wasted. The film comes right on track after the quick introduction and it’s hilarious to see Dattatraya trying to get his son admitted into an old age home. The sequence where he reads Babulal’s love letter raises lots of laughs. From here, the film slips a bit as the direction is a bit disjointed. But the film picks up slightly with the church sequence as a new angle is introduced at this point. Post-interval, this angle gets a lot of prominence and that’s where the film gets emotional. The sequence where Dattatraya narrates a terrible ordeal from their lives is heart-wrenching but also one of the best sequences of the film. The climax is clap worthy and also puts a smile on one’s face. But in this process, the humour that one would expect after watching the funny promos of the film.

A novel concept which could have really hit it home, had the writers been slightly smarter. Loved the lighting of the set and one could guess whether it was a sad or a happy scene with just one shot because of the setting they were in. One the whole family could watch together, and really well done by both the thespians here, especially Rishi Kapoor.

I had seen the original drama on which this film is based so obviously i knew everything about script and i didn’t need to watch the film but as a movie buff i prepared myself to see how cinematic version turns out. Despite being predictable/seen story to me, this film ended up as a ‘Classic’ for me then just imagine how much someone will like it who hasn’t seen the drama. 102 Not Out is not only a Brilliant Film but also a Life Lesson to everyone.

Story is very interesting and unique, every cinema lover is always ready to see something new and this film is gives you that something new and very interesting theme. Amitabh Bachchan has nailed his role and i believe he deserves some respectable awards for this mind-blowing performance. Rishi Kapoor has done excellent job, he completely suits for that 75 years old guy’s role. His voice, expression, body language is just wow. Other cast is okay. Screenplay is tight and engaged, throughout. Runtime of 107 minutes is so perfect and may be that’s why film doesn’t look boring for a single moment. Cinematography is Average, as i feel scenes in the house, mumbai roaming scenes, nature could have been captured in better way. Music is Decent, this script does not have a place for songs but come on it’s a Film, not a drama so anyhow director gonna put some songs for sure, and it was unnecessary. Dialogues are Good, few are so meaningful so does memorable. Direction is Very Good, film has some lose scenes in the first half but thank god Umesh Shukla has covered the loss in second half and especially in the climax otherwise a Classic script would have gone in vain.



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102 Not Out full hd movie download watch online 2018
102 Not Out full hd movie download watch online 2018
102 Not Out full hd movie download watch online 2018
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